Security Door, Gate, and Fence

Once again, monsoon season has arrived in Arizona. Here at Security Door, Gate, and Fence we welcome the rain monsoons bring, but we are also well aware of the damages that high-powered monsoon winds can cause to automatic gates and gate operators. Here are a few things that you can do to prepare your automatic gates for monsoon season.

  1. Ensure that your gate is closed and secure when monsoon storms are forecast and do not open your gate during high winds. Your gate acts like a giant, heavy sail on a boat. It can easily catch the wind and get ripped from its post or crash into your gate operator.
  2. Be sure to trim back any large branches or remove any dead trees near your gate. Falling branches and trees severely damage gates and gate operators every year.
  3. Inspect and maintain your gate hardware. When a monsoon wind is blowing hard on your gate, you can imagine that a worn-out bolt or loose hinge isn’t going to hold up as well in those conditions.

If your gate or gate operator has been damaged in a monsoon storm, call Security Door, Gate, and Fence at 480-701-1630 to have our expert technicians come inspect your automatic gate system and make the necessary repairs to get your gate operating smoothly again.